Editor’s Note

DOI: 10.55275/JPOSNA-2023-723

Volume 5, Number 2, May 2023


Welcome to the May 1 edition of your journal, JPOSNA®. Many thanks go to Brian Tompkins, MD; Lisa Dushane (Managing Editor); and Dan Sucato, MD, for their hard work and editorial content so close to the 2023 Annual Meeting.

This edition presents a change in format which I’d like to bring to your attention.

In the past, we published “Don’t Do This Case Reports.” These contributions highlighted problems that can happen when performing relatively common procedures and evaluating common diagnoses. In order to increase the depth of the discussion while presenting nuances in treatment and other perspectives, we have changed the format to model your local QI or M/M conferences. These cases are now identified as “Quality Improvement Case Series.” You will note two such contributions in the current edition, where commonly done procedures had an untoward outcome. These case examples are followed by invited commentary from experts in those fields. We are thankful to those contributors who share their experiences with their cases, and we are indebted to those experts who help us to be better with our own patients and practices.

Please consider teaching us what we can do better by contributing a Quality Improvement Case for our collective learning.


Ken Noonan, MD


[email protected]