Message from the President

DOI: 10.55275/JPOSNA-2023-718

Volume 5, Number 2, May 2023


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As we put together the final preparations for an exciting Annual Meeting in Nashville, it is easy to reflect on all of POSNA’s accomplishments over the last year, including the incredible success of JPOSNA®. As I write my first note as the incoming President of our great society, it is with pride that I read the May JPOSNA® issue that adds great value to our membership in the form of the very best educational content in pediatric orthopaedics. Dr. Ken Noonan and the team have created an extraordinary platform to disseminate the most current knowledge in our field. This takes on many forms—original research, invited perspectives, QSVI and QI initiatives, master’s technique articles as well as the abstract winners from the 2022 AAP National Conference.

It is important to recognize the breadth and depth of topics that reflect the values we have as a society. It is easy to see the great variety of writings related to practice management, fellow education, wellness for physicians, the safe surgery program, quality projects, best practices, practice management, and finally, highlighting our young physicians. Dr. Stuart Weinstein provides great insights on career development and sustained excellence, finishing with his perspective on physician well-being: “I cannot underestimate the importance of maintaining personal wellness.” This is something we should all keep in mind and put into practice.

POSNA continues to lead the way in quality initiatives as seen in six papers, including the 1-year update for the POSNA Safe Surgery Program (PSSP). The value of behavioral health in the perioperative period following AIS surgery is studied in a randomized trial, while easier patient-friendly ways to determine postoperative hemoglobin will continue to improve the patient experience. As a society that welcomes everyone from all backgrounds, it is important to stay current and on the cutting edge, which is reflected in a comprehensive review of best practices for gender-affirming care. We continue to be engaged in the care of children worldwide, and a recent trip to Ecuador is featured by some of our POGO committee members.

JPOSNA® has become not only an incredibly informative read but a very enjoyable one with diverse topics that reflect the values and focus of our members and our society. Due to an enormous amount of work and great leadership from Past President Jeff Sawyer, JPOSNA® will soon be managed by Elsevier—a leading publisher who will guide us on the continued fast-paced journey to greatness.

Congratulations again to Drs. Ken Noonan, Bryan Tompkins, JR Cruz; and Lisa DuShane for creating an outstanding edition, as this is another great example of POSNA’s leadership and dedication to the mission and vision of our society.


Daniel J. Sucato, MD, MS

President, POSNA