Preoperative video of upper extremity posture

This is a video of the patient obtained by the patient’s parents in a relaxed home environment. Note the posture of the patient’s left upper extremity. As she walks across the room she hold her arm adducted, elbow flexed, forearm pronated, and her wrist and digits flexed with her thumb in her palm

Short Term Follow-up

A. Volitional flexion: shortly following her hyperselective neurectomy to the biceps and brachialis MU has clearly maintained active elbow flexion from 5 to 125 degrees with significantly less spasticity compared to preoperatively


Patient was asked to walk as she had in the video that was obtained preoperatively. Notice that her elbow is held in near full extension with little to no inadvertent elbow flexion.

Longer Term Follow-up

At her longer term postoperative follow-up we can see that MU has improved volitional control of her elbow flexion from 0 to 125 degrees.  She has no spastic co-contraction noted throughout the arc of motion.