Acute Management of Pediatric Knee Dislocations Current Concept Review

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Matthew Ellington
Stephanie Pearce
Kevin Dale
Kevin McHorse
Mark Paterno
Claire Ryan
Curtis Vandenberg
Cliff Willimon
Crystal Perkins


Although pediatric knee dislocations are relatively uncommon, the potential for devastating complications exists. Current treatment has largely been guided by the adult literature as well as small pediatric case series. Early recognition and treatment of vascular injuries is of the utmost importance. Neurological injuries can also lead to devastating long-term complications and therefore prompt recognition is crucial. Ligament reconstruction as opposed to ligament repair has been shown to have improved outcomes in the pediatric population. The subsequent rehabilitation of a child after reconstruction for a knee dislocation also provides a unique challenge. Various sequelae have been described to include neurovascular injuries, residual laxity, stiffness as well as those unique to pediatric patients such as growth disturbance.  

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Ellington, M., Stephanie Pearce, Kevin Dale, Kevin McHorse, Mark Paterno, Claire Ryan, Curtis Vandenberg, Cliff Willimon, & Crystal Perkins. (2022). Acute Management of Pediatric Knee Dislocations : Current Concept Review. Journal of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, 4(3).
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Matthew Ellington

Central Texas Pediatric Orthopedics

Assistant Professor of Surgery and Perioperative Care

Dell Medical School/ The University of Texas at Austin