Removal of Femoral Lengthening Nails Master's Surgical Technique

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Christopher Iobst
Søren Kold
Mindaugas Mikuzis


There is an orthopaedic adage that states, “No surgeon ever looks good taking out hardware.”  This simple statement illustrates the frustration many of us have felt when faced with a hardware removal case. Since all internal lengthening nails are recommended for removal at the completion of treatment, any surgeon considering a patient for internal lengthening will eventually encounter a nail removal opportunity.  As part of our limb reconstruction practices, the authors have removed hundreds of internal lengthening nails. We have developed techniques through trial and error over time to streamline and simplify the nail removal process.  The goal of this article is to share our experience with you in the hopes that it makes your internal lengthening nail removal surgery as smooth and painless as possible.  

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Iobst, C., Kold, S. ., & Mikuzis, M. . (2022). Removal of Femoral Lengthening Nails: Master’s Surgical Technique. Journal of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, 4(2).
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