Editor’s Note

DOI: 10.55275/JPOSNA-2022-0007

Volume 4, Number 1, February 2022


In less than 3 years since the inaugural November 2019 issue, JPOSNA® has become a leading resource for all things pediatric orthopaedics. Since its inception, JPOSNA® has offered innovative content ranging from “Don’t Do This Case Reports” to Master Surgical Technique videos. Each issue has been bursting with educational content featuring a wide range of topics, representative of the POSNA membership and pediatric orthopaedics more generally. POSNA remains a leader in Quality, Safety, Value Initiatives (QSVI) and JPOSNA® has additionally become a hub for featuring our members’ QSVI-related projects.

POSNA members are not only leaders in pediatric orthopaedic education, clinical care, and quality improvement—they are also leaders in pediatric orthopaedic research. As we usher in the new year, we welcome a new phase for JPOSNA®. As of January 1, 2022, JPOSNA® is now accepting original research articles. The POSNA leadership believes that JPOSNA® aligns with the POSNA mission “To advance pediatric orthopaedics by promoting education, research, and quality care.”

By providing the exceptional content readers have come to expect, JPOSNA® has helped advance the educational mission of POSNA. In addition, it will now also offer the highest quality, peer-reviewed, hypothesis-driven research that will help advance the research mission of our society. Educational content will remain a core pillar of JPOSNA® with Editor-in-Chief, Ken Noonan, MD, at the helm. The goal of this next phase of our journal is to have 50% of each issue dedicated to original research. JPOSNA® will continue to be open access and easily available as a fully electronic journal, offering all the advantages of this format including accessibility and a variety of multimedia.

To shepherd in this new era of JPOSNA®, we will rely heavily on the POSNA membership and from the looks of it, you are excited! As of this writing, over 160 POSNA members have volunteered to be peer-reviewers for this new phase of the journal. To help guide the peer-review process, we have an amazing Editorial Board with diverse members from all specialties as well as international representatives who will provide differing perspectives on a wide range of topics. We will hold ourselves accountable for what is published for the sake of advancing pediatric orthopaedic knowledge.

We should all thank Ken Noonan, MD, Lisa DuShane, and the POSNA Board of Directors for their vision and leadership in making JPOSNA® a leading resource for our society. We will continue the work of advancing pediatric orthopaedics through high quality and accessible, education and impactful research, and we will work diligently to keep you engaged with our journal.

With Sincerest Regards,


Aristides I. Cruz, Jr., MD, MBA (JR)

JPOSNA® Deputy Editor for Original Research