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Michael Vitale


Welcome to the next edition of our spectacular JPOSNA!

It has been an amazing thrill seeing JPOSNA first launch and now continue to evolve under the tremendous leadership of Ken Noonan and our JPOSNA editorial board. Some years ago, the POSNA BOD recognized the need to have more autonomy over content, style, and cadence of publications and communications with our members.  We approached this in several ways. While we continue to examine our relationship with the publisher of JPO (and so much appreciate many years of loyal and steadfast service that Drs. Hensinger and Thompson need to be lauded for), we also saw the need for our own separate publication. JPOSNA was born of the need to be nimble in the online publication space and to have autonomy with regard to what “our journal” isAnd this is our journal!  To ensure that we continue to excel, we have hired Lisa DuShane, who brings tremendous capability and experience in this space to help continue to support this important effort.

As I wind down my Presidential year, JPOSNA stands as one of the real highlights of what we together have created. I cannot wait to see it continue to grow up and evolve under the continued leadership of Ken, the editorial team, the BOD, and our incoming president, Min Kocher.

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