JPOSNA Tumor Quiz

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Alexandre Arkader
Tricia Bhatti
Vernon Tolo
Kristy Weber
Carol Morris


This tumor quiz represents an interactive session where POSNA members are able to work through 9 clinical scenarios to challenge how they would address these problems.  Associated with each scenario is an OITE-style question and multiple choice options that seek the most preferred answer from the clinician.  In addition to the answer and follow-up radiographs, we have enlisted the opinions of three POSNA experts in oncology to provide an evidenced-based approach to thinking through each tumor problem. 

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Arkader, A., Bhatti, T., Tolo, V., Weber, K., & Morris, C. (2020). JPOSNA Tumor Quiz. Journal of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, 2(3).