POSNA recognizes that current peer review journals such as JCO, JPO, and JBJS have been the traditional destinations for our scientific research.  These journals do not commonly solicit or publish other materials/content which are of interest to our membership.  To meet this end, the POSNA Board of Directors has commissioned the creation of JPOSNA┬«.  Our quarterly journal will initially complement standard traditional peer-review publications. Over time we expect this to grow in scope, scale, and in frequency to the point where we could have monthly paper and on-line material that is cited in PUBMED.

We share the following:

Mission:  To present information that will inform POSNA Members and providers of pediatric orthopaedic care; improving the lives of the patients and families that we serve.
Vision:  To become THE forum for the most relevant and important pediatric orthopaedic information utilizing innovative methods of education and communication.
Values:  Timely, accurate, and responsible education to improve the lives of children worldwide.